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I apologize for the lack of updates the last few weeks. A hardware failure rendered the scripts that generate all the graphs on this site temporarily unavailable. Everything is back in place now and weekly updates will resume. Enjoy.


So that people can have some expectation of consistency, and to save me some time until I have things fully automated, I will be updating this site Wednesday evenings, with the exception of holiday weeks (like this one) when the Wednesday data is pushed back to Thursday.


Added crude oil stocks for the PADD 3 district (U.S. Gulf Coast) to petroleum and product stock levels.


Added petroleum and product stock levels.


Added "seismographs" and a trip down memory lane, the good ol' days.


Added Diesel Mountain and graphs for global production of crude, unconventional oil and total liquids.


D.A. Clarke and Stan Goff have written the most timely and cogent piece on the current state of energy, food and politics that I have seen in a long time. It is well worth a read: Politics is Food is Politics

The impetus for this site: Crude Oil Mountain and Gasoline Mountain. Coming soon, possibly, the very scary Diesel Mountain.

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